mvAVE Dance Auditions: Reg: $10 incl of Free Sports Towel. 

Event is closed. Thank you for the huge turn up of 65 participants.

The results of the Audition are released on 12 May 2017.

mvAVE Kidz (7-12yo)

Date: 10th May 2017 (Vesak Day)

Venue: Dancepointe Academy

@ Big Box

Time: 9.30-11.30am 

mvAVE Team (13yo & abv)

Date: 10th May 2017 (Vesak Day)

Venue: Dancepointe Academy

@ Big Box

Time: 12.00-2.00pm 

mvAVE Kidz & Team 2017

Programme Structure: 

  • International Dance Competitions such CSTD Asia Pacific (KL,16th-21st Aug) and Singapore (1st-3rd/6th -9th Sept)*

  • International Dance Examinations & Certifications such as CSTD & Rock School Performing Arts Award PAA*

  • Professional Stage Performances

  • Professional Music Video (MV) Shoots to be featured on 5th Avenue YouTube channel 

  • Payment: Subsidised rate at $10 per hour , International Dance Examination: $85

* Subjected to Teachers' Assessment of student's ability. Our School reserves rights to offer  alternative exposure opportunities to the students.

Weekly Training Schedules: 

Programme Period: 19/5/17 (teens), 21/5/17 (Kids)  - 10/12/17    

Venue: Dancepointe Academy @ Big Box

mvAVE Kidz (7-12yo): Sun 9.30-11.00am & Sat 1.30-3.00pm

mvAVE Team (13yo & abv): Fri 8.30-10.30pm & Sun 11.00-1.00pm

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+65 6565 6368

A brand new and dynamic faculty under Dancepointe Academy - 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance! We are pleased to engage Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung aka DK from Seoul, as the Artistic Principal of 5th Avenue Dance.

DK and his team of choreographers will specialise in courses such as TeachersAVE training, UrbanAVE, JazzfunkAVE, HipHopAVE and LyricalJazzAVE. This will increase our capacity to provide the best street dance, jazz dance, jazz funk and the best of jazz funk kids in Singapore.

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