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Immerse Yourself  in an evolved style influenced by several different dance styles, and choreographed according to the choreographer's interpretation of the music, typically pop music!  


Movement can be intricate and focuses heavily on musicality. 


JazzFunk is an undeniably powerful way of self-expression and helps let go of inhibitions. 


It is sensual and is a diva-like dance style is a dynamic blend of Hip Hop, Jazz and wacking technique! Choreographies have often highly syncopated musicality and intricate movement.  Get the best jazz funk class for the most outstanding jazz dance classes in Singapore at 5th Avenue School of Jazz.  


Release Your Sassiness and dance fiercely!

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Have fun with a dynamic blend of Hip Hop and Jazz technique. Develop your child's Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement and Stylized Flair 


JazzFunk borrows movement from other dance styles and blends it into a funky style that is expressive and popular. 

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Bounce Along  to old school and new school Hip Hop dance. Perfect class for children who want to dance and learn the foundations.


Movements are easy to learn and fun to do! your child might be dancing everywhere at anytime!

Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this high energy, fun and engaging dance class.

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