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Get The Beat 2018

Groups 15&under, Hip Hop, mvAVE Junior : 1st Position (Choreographed by Mr DK)

Groups 12&under, Hip Hop, mvAVE Kids : 1st Position (Choreographed by Mr Freddy & Mr DK)  

Groups Open age, Hip Hop, mvAVE Senior : 2nd Position (Choreographed by Mr DK & Mr Ray)

Duo/trio 12&under any style, Gisella Yeo/ Jernise Tan/ Yuka Koide: 2nd Position (Choreographed by Mr Freddy)

Duo/trio 15&under, any style, Shermin Lee & Angela June Yue : 2nd Position (Choreographed by Mr DK)

Solo 8&under, Hip Hop, Regina Goh : 1st Position (Choreographed by Mr DK)

Solo 11&under, Hip Hop, Gisella Yeo: 4th Position (Choreographed by Mr Freddy)

Solo 15-19 yrs Hip Hop, Hannah Tan: 3rd Position (Choreographed by Mr Ray)

Solo 11&under Novice. Jazz,  Jernise Tan (Choreographed by Mr DK)

Solo 13 & under . Hip Hop, Tan Wan Yee (Choreographed by Mr DK )

Duo 10 & under. Any other Style ,Teo Yu Qing & Kendrea Lam   (Choreographed by Mr Ray )

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