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Mr Freddy Hillion Mon 4:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/96297196398

Mr Freddy Hillion Mon 5:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/92805482182

Mr Freddy Hillion Mon 6:30pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/91870472911

Mr Freddy Hillion Mon 7:30pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/93019551070 

Mr Freddy Hillion Mon 8:30pm StreetJazz https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/97621563263



Mr Freddy JCube Wed 6:30pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/97281980593

Mr Freddy JCube Wed 7:30pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/97590712165


Mr Freddy JCube Thurs 7:00pm Jr.Rascal SquadZ (mvKids) https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/95569089933

Mr Freddy JCube Thurs 8:30pm JazzFunkAVE https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/96474193641



Mr Freddy JCube Fri 6:30pm StreetAVE https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/92926013344

Mr Freddy JCube Fri 7:30pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/99437491909

Mr Freddy JCube Fri 8:30pm StreetAVE https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/91250355441



Mr Freddy Punggol Sat 10:00am HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/98654369315

Mr Freddy BishanCC Sat 2:00pm StreetAVE https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/95619724622

Mr Freddy BishanCC Sat 3:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/91549765929

Mr Freddy Hillion Sat 6:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/93380708957 

Mr Freddy Hillion Sat 7:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/96732362682

Mr Freddy Hillion Sat 8:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/93699063485


Mr Freddy JW Sun 1:00pm Jr.Rascal SquadZ (mvKids) https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/97094267092 

Mr Freddy BishanCC Sun 4:00pm StreetAVE https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/99584862075

Mr Freddy BishanCC Sun 5:00pm HH Kids https://dancepointe.zoom.us/j/94602372374

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A brand new and dynamic faculty under Dancepointe Academy - 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance! We are pleased to engage Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung aka DK from Seoul, as the Artistic Principal of 5th Avenue Dance.

DK and his team of choreographers will specialise in courses such as TeachersAVE training, UrbanAVE, JazzfunkAVE, HipHopAVE and LyricalJazzAVE. This will increase our capacity to provide the best street dance, jazz dance, jazz funk and the best of jazz funk kids in Singapore.

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