Due to Ms Miji's constraints teaching from HOME, we seek your understanding for her to combine some online classes from 3rd May - 1st June 2020. But nevertheless, it's going to be as fun and you will make new friends during this period of time! 


Sat 2:00PM HH(9-12yo) 

Open to all Ms Miji's students from : 
YCK Saturday 2PM , HH(9-12yo) 

ARC Saturday 10AM  , HH(9-12yo) 

Punggol Saturday 6PM , HH(9-12yo) 


Sat 3:00PM HH(5-8yo) 

Open to all Ms Miji's students from : 

YCK Saturday 3PM , HH (5-8yo) 

ARC Saturday 11AM , HH (5-8yo) 

Punggol  Saturday 5PM , HH(5-8yo) 

Punggol Sunday 1:30PM , HH(5-8yo) 



​Sun 5.00PM HH(9-12yo)
Open to all Ms Miji's students from : 

Punggol Sunday 2:30PMHH(9-12yo)  

Jcube Sunday  6:00PMHH(9-12yo)  


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A brand new and dynamic faculty under Dancepointe Academy - 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance! We are pleased to engage Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung aka DK from Seoul, as the Artistic Principal of 5th Avenue Dance.

DK and his team of choreographers will specialise in courses such as TeachersAVE training, UrbanAVE, JazzfunkAVE, HipHopAVE and LyricalJazzAVE. This will increase our capacity to provide the best street dance, jazz dance, jazz funk and the best of jazz funk kids in Singapore.

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