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RSL Examination 2020

RSL Examinations 2020 was a special one. as its our first time having examinations via Zoom. From the technical set up to the huge difference in time zone, Thank you everyone for making RSL Examination a great success ! We're proud to announce that we'd gotten Distinctions for at least 85% of the students!

Every year 5th AVENUE students are invited to take Rock School of Learning (RSL) PAA Street Dance Examination.

The RSL is a highly reputed dance organization with members worldwide. Performance Arts Awards (PAA) are group graded examinations in musical theatre, with an authentic experience that’s true to the historical style of Street Dance which includes Locking , House and Breaking.

Examinations gave the kids an assessment of their technical capability and also an opportunity to Perform in a presentation environment ! Join us today for this Certification!

Join us today for this Certification!

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