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Yearly mvAVE Talent Programme Audition :

Look out for this space as we hold yearly Auditions in September to unwrap the talents in all dancers!

Click on for mvAVE 2023 Audition 

mvAVE Talent Programme 


As part of 5th Avenue's mission to provide an immeasurable value of Dance Education, our team has structured focused dance training: TEAMdpa Talent Program, for selected outstanding dancer. There are 5 main groups:


  • mvAVE MINI (6-7 Y/O)

  • mvAVE KIDZ (8-9 Y/O)

  • mvAVE KIDZ (10-12 Y/O)

  • mvAVE JUNIOR (13-15 Y/O)

  • mvAVE SENIOR (16 Y/O & ABV)


This exciting Talent program aims to identify and develop dancers with great potential to further their career as a Professional Dancer, Teacher or Choreographer internationally and locally. The training will incorporate introduction of advanced dance techniques. With this, our dancer will maximize their dance potential at an earliest age. In addition, the team will also be given priorities to International and Local Dance Competitions, Overseas Dance Exchange and Public Performances. In the past years, we had fruitful ones, attaining 1st to 3rd positions in various dance competitions in Singapore (2017-2021), Hong Kong (2018 &2019) and Kuala Lumpur (2017). An awesome and excellent collection of dance portfolio for the DIRECT SCHOOL ADMISSION via Dance into their dream Secondary Schools.

Click on to our Past Achievements!




To Experience

--- professional Music Video MV shoots and develop confidence and showmanship (by selection only)


To Compete

--- in the Local and/or International Dance Competitions and gain professional stage experiences


To Perform

--- at various platforms such as public events or professional stages by invitation


To Exchange

--- at an Overseas Dance Studio, through taking classes under experienced teachers, dancers are able to go through cultural exchanges, as well as exchange their experiences and thoughts.

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