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5th Avenue, a member of Dancepointe Academy, we specialize in the art of Street Jazz and Hip Hop, welcoming enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels—from novices taking their first steps to seasoned professionals perfecting their craft. Our primary mission is to curate a rich and varied dance repertoire through an immersive training program encompassing a spectrum of Street Dance styles, all complemented by prestigious accredited certifications.


Under the guidance of Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung, our esteemed Artistic Principal hailing from Seoul; Korea, our faculty embodies an unwavering dedication to nurturing students with unparalleled expertise and boundless passion. At 5th Avenue, we hold a firm belief in the profound impact of attitude, embracing the philosophy that 'Attitude is Everything.' This ethos inspires us to continuously elevate our teaching standards, instilling a deep sense of pride as we lay the foundation for a comprehensive and enduring dance education for our students.


Our dedication to excellence is evident through our affiliation with Rock School London - Performing Arts Award (RSL - PAA, UK). This curriculum not only refines technical, musical, and performance skills in Street Dance but also awards certifications that carry UCAS points, facilitating university admissions for our students.




Curriculum Structure:  

Jazz & Street Dance Examinations and Certifications

Dance Achievements for Entry to Universities and Singapore Direct School Admissions (DSA)


International Dance Competitions & Public and Theatre Performances: 


Overseas Exchange Programme:

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